About & Work History

Hi! I’m Becky, a healing life coach.

I work with clients to heal their body and soul from the inside out so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose. My passion is for helping people find their optimal health. After birthing three children, I found that my body no longer bounced back like it did in my younger years. I had stubborn excess weight & hormonal challenges due to hysterectomy at 30. I was then dealing with even more emotional issues, and poor gut health, cardiac issues, asthma, pre-diabetic, thyroid/autoimmune plagued me and led to further weight gain. This lead to needing to be on 7 different medications. I also did genetic testing revealing that I had a high likelihood of other chronic diseases. I knew I needed to take charge and heal myself vs treating symptoms with meds & there was no better time than NOW!

I tried many commercial diet plans, which yielded no results and left me tired and hungry! Still weighing 200+ pounds. Once I started implementing the approach I share with my coaching clients, in which I have outlined in this guide & for the first time in my life, I have found freedom from dieting, food stress, and emotional issues & started seeing the benefits of healing with an aligned holistic approach

I believe that the natural state & health if the body is in an intuitive naturally aligned state. When we are aligned it has the innate power to heal itself. It is now my passion to help people with their fundamentals of health!

 Personal Experience With: •Weight loss•Digestive Disease•Hormonal Disease•Post hysterectomy weight gain•Thyroid•Circadian dysfunction

 I look forward to learning about you and walking with you on your journey to optimal health! ~ Becky

My Work history as a Coach

I have supported clients through Revero (Formerly MeatRx) since 2019. I supported the platform by being their Community Manager & Liaison/Host-Coach. I assist & Manage company/personal social media posting and branding. I host several supportive meetings consistently on various health related topics. I am available to encourage clients finding their optimal health. As well as coaching clients & empowering them on their health journey while teaching knowledge along the way, I also advocate for coaches while assisting platform community members & directly helping leaders.

In addition to Revero I started my own coaching practice helping several clients as well as furthering my education along the way taking nutritional as well as weight loss specialist courses through NASM. I also looked beyond nutrition to a circadian/Quantum outlook for a more holistic approach for a well rounded journey. I got certified through Quantum Biology Collective where I still reside on their directory panel. I then went on to co-found with my partner our own company called FABIntuition.

In July of 2022 I was contacted by 4 time best-selling author Ben Azadi to join his program Keto Kamp Academy as a client success coach. As their coach I encourage clients in finding their optimal health through support and accountability meetings. I coach clients one on one, to empower their health journey while teaching knowledge along the way . I also work collaboratively with the team in a group meeting setting

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